Learning Pillars


There are certain patterns that you can see in a fast and long-term learning, which occur over and over. We made these core principles as fundamental pillars of Atheros learning.

Industry Experts

There are many instructors who just create the content. This puts blindspots in their head and sometimes the course can be different than what you would actual use in practice. We at Atheros also develop products for clients, therefore we have carefully crafted what actually works and what does not.

Community Driven

We believe that strong community is the key to what actually works. Learning with others helps to facilitate and discuss new ideas. You will be able to share the insights and form relationship with fellow students and instructors.

Quizes & Certificates

At the end of each course, there should be a way to validate your knowledge and also get reward for completing the course. This will help you with your new employer to prove your skillset.

Pure Education


You are tired from the fluff on the other platforms? We offer the approach of going directly to the value.

Pure Education
Atheros Method


We have carefully crafted the method for rapidly speeding up your learning process, remove gaps from your knowledge and systematically hit your blind spots and reiterate the most important parts.

Learn Theory

Test Knowledge

Get Feedback

Put in Practice




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